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Crystal Structures

rated R

A 72.958 words epic about an archeological expedition, interstellar war, the proliferation of genetically engineered DNA, issues of consent, fractals, and solid state physics [it was conceived in a lecture; bonus points to whoever figures out how the Ashcroft/Mermin quotes correlate with the content].


Chapter 1

An ill-fated xeno-archaeological expedition sets in motion a series of events that get Niko - and subsequently Gooseman - into serious trouble.

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[PDF: 24 pages, 838 kB]


Chapter 2

A case of rape on Andor reveals troublesome information about the escaped super troopers and Gooseman.

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[PDF: 32 pages, 944 kB]


Chapter 3

A grusome murder in the Beta Labs wreaks havoc with Goose's reputation.

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[PDF: 26 pages, 833 kB]


Chapter 4

Unexpected xeno-archeological results bring the Queen to wage open war against Earth, resulting in Eliza Fox's experimental depsychocrystallization.

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[PDF: 23 pages, 827 kB]


Chapter 5

After the defense of Earth, Earth retaliates by striking the Psychocrypt, but the Queen is prepared. 

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[PDF: 24 pages, 876 kB]


Chapter 6

Meanwhile, Eliza fights a war of her own against false realities, leading Zach to desperate measures after his return from war.

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[PDF: 21 pages, 922 kB]


Elizabeth "fatima" Bales, for her patience and criticism, her skills as an editor patient enough to sift through my initial writing, and her screams when I leave the possible ground too obviously. 

Caro von Totth, for first criticism and discussions about the scenes while they were written, and the beautiful frontispiece. She helped a lot to improve the weirder paragraphs in this story. 

...and countless other people nudging me on to finally publish this!  
It took only about fifteen years.

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