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Bug Busters

Patch in "One Million Emotions"
The GRS5 on their way to Arizona McGee's atelier.
A non-broadcasted part of their talking.

City of New Pigale, Mars

"The guy who sells Raid here must be rich!" Doc took a wide step over a cockroach the size of a dachshund. 
     "Maybe not," Zachary grumbled and bowed hastily down not to be hit by a couple of huge houseflies that obviously was engaged in something, "the stuff needed for animals that large would be far to poisonous to be saled to the public." 
     "And the bug busters who use the spray must fear for their health and children," Niko added. 
     "Why spray? An LR would work just fine." Gooseman looked at a pickup glider-sized tarantula that crossed below the brighe they were using and added growling: "Or maybe a bazooka." 
     Niko in front of them burst out laughing. "Yes, I really can see you working as a pest controller on Mars!" 
     "Yeah," Doc snickered, "no bug will survive but then we have to rebuild the city!" 

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