the first story of the Decagram

After X-16 the Sumeragi is about to become the Sakurazukamori - with rather dubious qualifications for the position.

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36°-0: Sumeragi Subaru - The End

...You are an outstanding onmyoji, Subaru-kun, but you'd be an abysmal Sakurazukamori...

36°-1: Sakurazuka Seishiro - The Beginning

...Sei-chan. Stop drawing
that on my roots...

36°-2: Sumeragi Subaru - Death and Life

...Are you less of a murderer because you are... Sumeragi?...

36°-3: Sakurazuka Seishiro - Death in the Family

...Your mother will be home soon. Go now. Don't keep her waiting...

36°-4: Sumeragi Subaru - Time's Gone

"Whatever prediction comes to your mind shall come to pass."

36°-5: Sakurazuka Seishiro - Time's Come

"You were right. I do break my share of hearts."

36°-5-6: Interlude

...What could you gain by it?...

36°-6: Sumeragi Subaru - Lies

...So you are innocent?...
"I am ignorant."

36°-7: Sakurazuka Seishiro - Truths

"The only ones who care about 1999 at all are the fools who are too stupid to read their own calendar!"

36°-8: Pentacle

had no reason to be here, none but the words of a Chinese killer written down fourteen-hundred years ago in the secret books of a rivalling clan. 

36°-9: Pentagram

"Sayonara, Seishiro-san."

36°-X: Decagram

"Life can be a lot more interesting than death. Trust me."

36°-Y2k: Epilogue

...He will suffer...
...As will you...

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