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Note: This was inspired by a short piece of GR fanfic Bruinhilda wrote ages ago on the Ranger-L mailing list.

Subaru watched, horrified, how the apparition he'd accidentally called into being stomped through Tokyo. The Sunshine 60 was toppled over by a sway of its hips. The Rainbow Bridge crumpled under its feet. In the distance, Godzilla hastily crawled off a certain coffee mug and vanished backstage, while the creature bent Tokyo Tower.
     Subaru knew it had been stupid to try a set-it-all-right spell while running on less than four hours of sleep-- for the whole week.  
     The creature's eyes lit up when it spotted him.  
     He shook. He was doomed- at least his virginity was! 
     Nothing withstood 
     -a fanfic author!

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