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Hokuto's Fashion Tips - Long-sleeved Rubber Gloves

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"He ought to wear long sleeved rubber gloves," she stated and stressed her point with a distinct poke of her wooden spoon covered in the brown dough intended for chocolate cookies.
     "Who ought to wear gloves, Hokuto-chan?" Seishiro, preparing the icing, asked. 
     "The sakurazukamori of course, silly!" Hokuto nodded distinctly and added a bit of sugar to the concoction. "I wonder if the poor man knows about the risks he's taking in his job nowadays." 
     "The sakurazukamori is said to be a ruthless killer. Shouldn't we be worried about his victims rather than him?" 
     "Sei-chan! The man kills by punching a hole through his victims, right?" She shook her head. "Think of all these blood transmitted diseases nowadays." She shuddered. "Like hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS!" 
     "Sei-chan? Don't you feel well?"

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