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Dog Gone

rating G

The inugami growled, but without its mistress around it didn't attack and just sniffed at the man's legs, before it turned, interested, to investigate the tree behind him...
     "If you raise that leg I shall feel compelled to deworm you." 
     The growl turned into an infuriated bark. 
     "And get you a flea collar." 
     Inuki's fangs dug into the fluttering coat, missing the person wearing it only slightly. 
     "With a 'Hello Kitty'-bell on it." 
     The coat was released. 
     "You know, your mistress will love that." 
     The inugami put its tail between its legs and whimpered. 
     "She'll never remove it." 
     The spirit dog escaped in a cloud of mist. 
     ...You have a weird sense of humor, Sei-chan... the Tree rustled above. 
     The Sakurazukamori shrugged. "I'm a vet. I know how to take them."

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