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The Secret of the Universe - Resolved

"That 's impossible! You didn't said that they said that I...?!!!" Doc jumped up when Goose emptied a huge paper box onto the desk.
     "Sorry, Doc," grinned the ST, "but QBall really wants you to reconstruct this piece of poultry." 
     "But it was a walking malfunction!" screamed Doc. 
     Goose held up both hands, palms pointing outwards. "Hey, I just delivered it. So don't shoot the messenger." 
     Frustrated, Doc started sifting through the bits, splinters, and pieces of plastic and circuitry that had been Bubblehead. Then he saw something new to him... something interesting. A gap in the main section well hidden under the long shirt that now hung in shreds. He shoved a screwdriver into the gap and tore it open. An old yellowed piece of paper fluttered onto his desk. It took Doc considerable time to decipher the scribbled text:

The old bitch fired me! Me, the best technician for memory birds, just because I said that I need a little more payment since the daily costs have raised that much! And not enough! She commanded me to finish my work before I have to leave the palace forever! HA!! Let's see, how she 's going to come clear with my last present to her grateful MAJESTY!...    
Quirian Drooledge

I really should rebuild it as a special present to QBall for giving me this job, Doc thought with an evil grin. And I'm just following orders...


Thanks to Kelly Smith, Amy Hanna, and Heidi Reckel on IRC. :)

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