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Road Sign

"QBall." Walsh's voice was threateningly calm as he addressed the chief scientist. "Did you or did you not say that Ranger Buzzwang was up to the job?"
     "I did. Applying paint to tarmac is well within his capabilities." 
     "Then I expect an explanation for this." The commander pointed at the freshly marked feeder road towards BetaMountain.
     QBall looked and stuttered: "Buzzwang! Why on Earth did you write that– that..?" 
     The bot appeared, still partially covered in white paint. "Of course, Dr. QBall, I even requested advice on the correct position and spelling." 
     QBall frowned. "Whom did you ask, Buzzwang?" 
     "Ranger Gooseman, sir. But he said he wasn't 100% sure of the position ei –" 
     Walsh face turned an interesting shade of burgundy, the following shout was enough to rattle the mountain, but not to scrape the paint of the tarmac: "GOOSEMAN!" 


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Turning around not possible for the next meter. We highly suggest to drive with enough force not to end up "stuck up the..."
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