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You never know what comes via a mailing list... for example a link to a photo like this [copyright belongs to www.kenner.la.us/mason/bomb.jpg (source defunct)]:

Anyone else hear Q-ball screaming "Buzz!!"?

well.... <eg>

Buzz tilted his head. "But Captain Fox, Dr. QBall said I ought to bring the bomb directly to the landing field with the forklift truck."
     Zach shook his head. "He didn't by any means include the order to follow the driveway, did he?"
     "But that would have been a detour..." the bot protested.
     Zach pushed his hat back and scratched his scalp. "Anybody any idea how to clear this mess now?" At Goose's grin he added quickly: "Aside from blasting it, that is."
     "Hey, why not?!"
     Niko patted his arm. "The commander likes to keep that building, Shane."
     The ST grumbled. "Minor detail..."

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