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Next Door...

"I advise strongly against it." Zach unsuccessfully suppressed his smirk at the music wafting in from the kitchenette.
     "Why?" Doc protested. "We have him at gun-point! He is dancing to the radio!" 
     "Making coffee while danc--" The last word of her specification had Niko helplessly dissolving in a gale of laughter. 
     "Because we'd be at gun-point when we admit we have caught him in the act!" 
     "Act?" Niko choked out. "Nope. Alice!" 
     "Look at the bright side, Zach, Goose isn't singing to it-" 

"-but I just don't wanna know, 'cause for twenty-four years I've been living next door to Alice...." 

Tune provided by Smokie: "Livin' Next Door To Alice".

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