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a sequel to my story Infatuation written by Pris Tan


Shane walked into the office late as usual; he braced himself against the usual growling Zachary gave him for being late. The growling didn't come.
     "What th—"
     His team mates were all crowding around Doc's desk and the hacker sported the goofiest grin on his face.
     "Doc, are you sure this was drawn by a woman?" Niko asked, her face flushed from what was on the screen.
     "She is ...ah— very observant of details." Zachary commented with an embarrassed duck of his head.
     "Speaking of details, I think she is fuller in the chest." Doc thought aloud.
     Curious, Shane joined them and looked over Zachary's shoulder, one glance at the screen and he felt his ears and neck burn.
     "From an cartoonist friend of Doc." Niko told him. "I'd like to know if that's really Shawna's figure. If so, I have to find out what diet she is on. What do yo—" Niko looked up at the ST and frowned "—Shane are you well?"
     The ST about turned and mumbled something that sounded like 'Nothing.' He kept his back to his team mates as he helped himself to his morning coffee. And kept the desktop between him and them as his face cooled.
     "You know, I do think I remember that Shawna is fuller in the chest." Doc stated.
     At his desk Shane choked and coughed on his coffee. Niko looked over at the ST and frowned.
     "Shane are you sure you are well?"


Note: Pris Tan is the artist who made the drawing and wrote this story. If you like her work, please send her an email to

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