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Goose vs. The Phone

Round-1: Telemarketer

"Gooseman?" – rhabrahabrahb – "You want to sell me something?" – rhabrahahbrahb – "But I'm at work here–" – rhabrhabrahb – "Wait a minute, I give you my private number." 
     "Goose, don't–" 
     "You got it? – Yes, that's right. Bye. – What's wrong?" 
     "Never give a telemarketer your real number, they'll torment you forever." 
     "That's why it was senator Wheiner's number, Captain." 

Round-2: Disconnected

"Goose," Doc panted after a sprint from the office to Goose's place. 
     "You need a phone!" 
     "I had one." The ST shrugged. "It's disconnected." 
     "I got only two kinds of calls: flamings about my origin and indecent offers. Both got on my nerves."

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