Wolf Den

I've got no idea why our webmaster ordered me of all people to write about Wolf Den. Really not. Sure, I'm one of the few people still alive who know it, but – Hell! I know also what will happen to me if I talk about it too honestly.
Life at Wolf Den.. what was that? Shit, if I tell the truth, I'd be frozen before my fingertips even left the keyboard. And liing? No, that's a favor I won't do them!




Second reveille


Third reveille


Electric shock through the bedframes


First physical exercise [Training course: 3 hours – hardening, weapon usage]


Medical examination [heartrate, bloodpressure, injection of behavior controllers]


First food [Water, genetically engineered food]


Class lections [applied technology, scientific basics, strategics, tactics, military history]


Second physical exercise [Training course: 5 hours – combat scenarios – real ammunition]
Genetic Enabling Factor hand out


Medical examination [heartrate, bloodpressure, blood and lymph-samples]


Second food


Special exercises [personal abilities, martial arts, sims]



Repeat 6210 times [17 years].


I don't know what I am to say about that base. I've never been there and I never want to be there, either. Possibly, they ask me because I know him best. Him – the true survivor of Wolf Den or better: of the STP. I do not believe I am able to find better words for it than the ones he himself used. Read yourself. [Niko]

"At the beginning it was a band of plastic tight around your wrist with a number on it. Mine was 1643453. You couldn't take it off. You had two years to prove yourself. After that a letter was added to the number -- an A or a V. I got a V.
I left the base for the first time, when they put us into an aircraft to see if we could survive the crash. It was an island with a single airfield and a landing stage. There were no other links to the outside world. During that month only three contacts occured and none of us left the island, but I've never seen any of those with an A again.
Some of us thought the V stood for victorious but it meant viable.
In Wolf Den an A meant abandon." [S.G.]