Ranking System

Ranks in the GR universe proved to be quite an issue. A lot of arguments pro and con of various ranking systems (US Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Police, Texas Rangers,... and we shouldn't forget about all the other armed forces of the various countries out there, too) was brought in and tossed around on and on. And I don't think it's a question to be settled by what we get to see in the series. So each author should make up his or her own as long as it matches with what little we learn from the series. :)

This is just a rough summary of the ranking system I use in my stories. I don't try to match any of the ranking systems currently in use by what branch or nation ever, and I added a couple of things (mentioned below) of which I have no idea whatsoever whether or not something similar exists currently – but for me the assumptions make sense. If you want a justification for that, have a look at the events timeline (when I finally get that done!) or blame my being a blatant civilian.

Like with my timeline I don't want to discuss this. It's just an information for those of you who are as nitpicking as I about coherence in writing.

Command license

something similar to a "driving license" for the crew and missions of armed vehicles & space ships.
It is considered for personnel to make the license needed for their rank. To have the needed license for the next rank is one of the requirements for a promotion.


needed for

additional comments


single ground, air, or near space vehicle (such as space shuttles) with one person onboard


single space vessel able to leave the Earth-Moon-System with up to ten people on board

allows also to lead a squadron of one or two people vessels such as Fighters or Interceptors


single space vessel, no limitation to number of crew people

Dinghies and escort vessels are considered as parts of the big one


multiple space vessels, naval formation

Ranks of the Galaxy Rangers
(The EF Space Navy uses about the ranking system of the US Navy. But please don't nail me to details with that.)

A promotion means first hand increase in income, not necessarily a different position or job. But the higher rank allows to apply for a broader variety of eligible positions.
A promotion for extraordinary performance before matching the required minimal time of service is possible. In that case the missing service time is added to the necessary service time required for the next rank.
In times of war a promotion in the field is possible without regard of the requirements in service time, licenses, and command experience. That's about the only kind of promotion that allows "cutting service time" in real.
Also, it is possible to delete "service time" from an officer's file as a punishment (usually applied for minor transgressions).


needed for a promotion into the rank

additional comments


– student at the Ranger Academy
– no license (D recommended)

a "practice time" at a base or on a space ship is strongly recommended.


– passed exam (2 years)
– D (C recommended)


– 1 year as ensign
– either field experience or additional staff qualification
– C

lowest rank allowed to work independently on missions or in space


– 5 years as lieutenant
– command experience in single missions
– C (B recommended)


– 5 years as captain
– command experience with teams
– C (B recommended)

lowest rank possible as commander of a base or a project (special license by a BWL-committee (see below) required)


– 5 years as major
– B

Brigade General

– 5 years as colonel
– B (A recommended)

this rank is actually no more solely dependent on the aforementioned requirements alone but also on the agreement / appointment by a special BWL committee.

General (2 – 4 stars)

– B (A required by more than 2 stars)

(see Brig. General)

General (5 stars in case of war)

– A

(see Brig. General)

Branches of Earth's Armed Forces
(incomplete at the moment)


additional information

Series (fanfic) characters

EF Galaxy Rangers

traditionally the GR (former SR) and the EFS Navy are close political allies.
see: EF Space Rangers for more information.

Cmdr. Joseph Walsh (Brig.Gen)
the S5's

EF Space Navy

about the Navy in Space. <g>

Adml. Frederic Subadar
Adml. Ned Blake
(Fl.Adml. Steph McCall)

EF Exploration Corps

a nice descendant from the Air Force / NASA and the STSci... <g>

(Gen. Jeremy Jeffries – the most boring man alive...)

EF Army

nickname among the other branches: "The Grounded Force" because it is the only branch of Earth's Armed Forces that wasn't involved in any way in the last great conflict (The Colonial War 2058 – 2060).

(Gen. Dieter Class)

EF Space Rangers

formerly a branch of the EFS Navy, made an independent branch when it became obvious that there was a force needed that fulfilled police and military police operations in space that wasn't fully covered neither by the directions of the EFS Navy nor by those of the civilian Solar Marshals.
traditionally, the SRs (and their decendants: the GRs) are closer to law enforment officers than to the actual military, though they are still listed as part of the EAF.

(Gen. Dean Anderson)