Original Characters

Some of my original GR-fanfiction characters complete with portrait, some personal data, and a – likely not always complete – list of stories they star or are referred to in.

Jonathon Alekseievich Hays
[b. 2011 – d. 2066-06-02]

Jon Hays originates from a single line in my story Grandson, where I desperately needed a reason for the assassination of Goose's mother. And somehow, he kept "popping up" in my mind. When I finally considered him as a protagonist himself, I realized that by then I had imagined a whole biography for the man.
So Goose's grandpa just needed a face...

A Different Kind of Betrayal,
Crusade's End,
– Of Hawks, Owls, And Peacocks,
– Relatives,
– Revenge 1 – Shane,
– Revenge 2 – Jonathon.

Jon isn't yet thirty in this picture. I chose the portrait age on purpose to make the family resemblance more obvious. It plays an important part in my writing.

Large [85kB – 923 x 1312 Pixel]
[20kB – 338 x 480 Pixel]

Painfully learned truth: painting four similar eagles on four different shirt buttons of silver is almost as monstrous a task as is doing a collage involving a wheatfield!

Leana Ioanna Walsh Hays
[b. – d. 2066-06-02]

Daughter of Jonathon Alekseievich Hays and Madeleine Hays Foucault, married Joseph Walsh on 2061-09-09.

A Different Kind of Betrayal,
Beyond the Frontier,
– Of Hawks, Owls, And Peacocks,
– Relatives,

Goose: "Errr... Hi, Mom?"

Large [79kB – 923 x 1361 Pixel]
[25kB – 326 x 480 Pixel]

This picture has a single reference image: a photo of Britt Ekland, starring as Ms. Holly Goodnight in James Bond – The Man With The Golden Gun. She had the face but not the manner to be Leana.

Ivan Dimitrievich Ilianov

Ivan Dimitrievich Ilianov
[b: ~2037 – d. 2065-06-08]

Niko's father. Despite having just a short appearance in my story Victoria that ended with his death, he was just too fascinating a villain to go without a face.

Crystal Structures
A Different Kind of Betrayal

Large [279kB – 828 x 976 Pixel]
Screen [15kB – 408 x 480 Pixel]

This took over two years to finish. Ivan Dimitrievich owes me dearly for his face!

Victoria Ryan
[b: ~2044 – d. 2066-06-08]

Niko's mother. She's one of these characters that just pop up never to leave again.


Large [131kB – 1039 x 1472 Pixel]
Screen [27kB – 339 x 480 Pixel]

Actually, the idea for this image was born the moment I saw the trenchcoat.


Goose's cat.
Okay, this is no computer artwork of me. It's a scanned photograph of my long dead – and still missed – cat 'Schnuffi.' I created Possessor in his memoriam and I would feel odd if I alter a picture of him.
Like Poss in the stories he was really small for a tom and did look much more harmless than he was!

– A Different Kind of Betrayal,
– Crystal Structures,
– Revenge,
Walking Through Nightmares.

Screen [24kB – 393 x 480 Pixel]

Venda Andar
[b. 2004 – alive]

He's the only known (and grown-up) Andorian-human halfling and the proverbial skeleton in the Andorians cupboard (of which Ambassador Waldo and a currently unidentified Terranian woman are somewhat responsible for).
To his father's displeasure he doesn't share the Andorians worshipping of the natural sciences and mathematics in general and works as a special agent for the League Service's secret division.

A Different Kind of Betrayal,
– Her Majesty's Service,

Large [54kB – 640 x 829 Pixel]
[26kB – 371 x 480 Pixel]

This picture has a two main references: Timothy Dalton and Isaac Asimov.


Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs