I present my images in two sizes:
Screen fits into 640 x 480 pixel resolution
Large is the original size in which the image was created.

Original Characters
contains images and short bios of the original characters I use in my fanfiction.

A Photo for Eliza
[Yes, there is a story about that tattoo. Unfortunately, untranslated so far, so maybe it would have been nice to keep the tattoo-issue to myself till the translation is done... But: hey, I wrote that story, I made this pic! Live with it. – And I thank Caro 'Ariel' von Totth for allowing me to use her portrait of Zach as reference for the head.]

Large [161 kB – 2079 x2953 Pixel]
Screen [26 kB – 338 x 480 Pixel]

A Photo of Eliza
[Imagine it standing on a certain Ranger Captain's bedside table.]

Large [99 kB – 1153 x 1342 Pixel]
Screen [26 kB – 412 x 480 Pixel]


"Stop it, Gooseman! Don't kill the photographer–"

Large [87 kB – 1040 x 1477 Pixel]
Screen [26 kB – 338 x 480 Pixel]

Goose Real
[How would Goose look older (about 30) and in real? This image is a very old project of mine, done in 1993 and with only 8 MB Ram (You could brew yourself a coffee while the picture built up on the screen. Really). Please note: this is a compositum cut out of various photos and then edited pixel by pixel (and I swore afterwards never again doing something involving a wheat field!). The person it shows does not exist.]

Large [65 kB – 756 x 624 Pixel]
Screen [25 kB – 480 x 396 Pixel]

GR Warrior
[The image can be seen on different levels: as a warrior mask out of our heroes images or as a comment regarding the relationships between them.]

Large [86 kB – 1417 x 1417 Pixel]
Screen [26 kB – 480 x 480 Pixel]

[I confess I belong to the group who believes the two should be related!]

Large [115 kB – 1906 x 2636 Pixel]
Screen [51 kB – 347 x 480 Pixel]

Illustrations and Frontispieces
Click on the picture.

Bewilderment [rated R]Express MailJust A Slip Of PaperWalking Through Nightmares - Chapter 6 [rated R]The Lie [rated NC-17]Droidal Affairs - [rated R]Victoria [rated R]If Only [rated R]Hot Summer Night [rated R+]The Geist of the Goose [rated R]Raumjäger [rated R+]


Please excuse that there are no previews of them.

Anti-Power Rangers
[animated gif, 256 kB]
Bronto Bear really likes those guys!

Family Likeness
[animated gif, 155 kB]
Goose's evil twin Geist

Normal Life [tm]
[animated gif, 346 kB]
Days come and gone at Wolf Den.

Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs