Online Presentations

A Kniggendorf

     "Gooseman, Niko." Zach stomped into the GRS5 office. "There's an issue regarding your newly installed website. You have to take it down." He threw them a dark look. "But first tell me, what on Earth you did."
     "Well, Cap. We tried to get the connections between our origins straight."
     "That doesn't explain what happened that the server's jammed with traffic, Gooseman."
     "We didn't manage it seriously, so we tried another approach."
     Niko blushed and looked aside. "The result is an online comic–"
     "Hi, folks!" Doc burst laughing into the room. "Did you see that new comic with the carnivorous baby rabbit?"

you might want to have a look at the following online comic strips:

the drabble was actually caused by a scene in one of my unpublished fanfics and not by the "Kevin & Kell"-Online comic strips. But they are an equally good way to explain the joke in this and less difficult than explaining the weird line of thinking the story really originated from.


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