Courageous Pioneerz

presented by
A Kniggendorf & Bruinhilda!

one German morning / Hawaiian evening on IRC:
(Warning: severe nonsense ahead – beware the lunatics)

<AKK> We see GV scared a couple of times, while ALMA committed suicide in Chains-TVE to buy Goose more time.
<Bruinhilda> Probably the difference between a military AI and a home AI. GV used to just run Zach's house systems. I assume ALMA was made specifically for military functions.
<AKK> But I wonder if BETA would recruit Zach's house AI to serve onboard the Phoenix and on Ranger-1.
<Bruinhilda> Most likely Zach just suggested they upgrade his existing AI. Which didn't change his personality...just gave him new abilities.
<AKK> So GV is now a military grade AI going uh-oh on a constant basis?
<Bruinhilda> Budget cuts hurt everyone, don'tcha know.

Walsh: I'm sorry captain Fox, due to budget cuts the updated courage.dll for your AI has been cancelled again.
GV: uh-oh...
Doc: <installs a cracked net-copy> Now, my electronic friend. Is this better?
GV: uh-o– <wail> MOOOMMMIEEEEE <raabaah>
Zach: Doc, we've got to talk. I particularly disagree with changing my AI's diapers.
GV: <kiddie voice> I'm only 3 1/3 years old. Pppppplllbbbt!
Zach: Now be a good li'l AI and stop playing scooter with the kitchen droid, please.
Zach (mutters): I should send it play in traffic on the information highway... DOC!
Doc: Hey, what do you expect from a cracked source? It's not that the warez-sites give any guarantees, you know?
GV: Geeeveeee wanna play mixie now.
Zach: What does he want?
Doc: I think it's something with the mixer.
Zach: Oh my g–
Zach: The milk shakes for the kids...
Doc: Call it your new wallpaper.
Zach: <growl>
Doc: You spent too much time with Goose. He's contagious, you know? And hey, that shake looks decorative, really... I– <edges towards the door> Uhm... have to–
Zach: <grabs the hacker's collar> Doc. Uninstall that warez. NOW! – Goose, put him in a hammerlock until he fixes my AI!
ALMA: I'm not a nanny! esp. not a nanny for a sissy.
GV: <rabaaaah><uhaaahahaa>, ALMA's that mean to meeeeeee.
Goose: Sorry, Zach. I've got this mission on Tarkon and I better leave before Niko gets the better of me.
ALMA: Powering up, Goose.
Doc: You mean Maya, my Goose m–
Zach: Why the second set of shackles, Goose?
Goose: My pleasure.
Doc: Umph, ooomph...
Zach: Applying it around the neck is rather unusual, though.
Goose: But effective.
Doc: <thud>
Goose (looking down on Doc): Maybe a little too effective after all. Here are the keys. I'll be back next week.
Zach: Who uninstalls the warez now?
GV: <rabaaaah> Nobo'y likes me...
Kiwi Kids: "We'll help!"
Zach: Aaaaaaahrgg – Commander, about this undercover mission on Tortuna, I do it. No pay. Just let me start now.
GV: But sir, Tortuna is a rather dangerous terrain for the like of you. You should reconsider your–
Zach: GV, is that you? How on Earth...?
Jessy: Hi, Dad, I'm home. Who messed with Givvie's files btw? It sounded awful. Tell whoever it was, he's got no taste in hacking! <makes a large step across Doc to get to the fridge> Hi, Doc.
Doc: Ooomph.
Jessy: Kinda like the milk deco, Dad. But don't you think it's gonna stink horribly in a while?

...and the morale of it:
beware of any fanfic authors who aren't properly gagged and tied up. ;)
p.s.: we don't give any guarantees, either!


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