Field Communication

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I wanted to tell a lot of stuff about the GR-Fan mailing list and the IRC chat here.
But when I tried to put it in words I realized that somebody else did that already
– and likely much better than I –
and that one is Bruinhilda!
If you want to meet other Rangers in the field
via mailing list (gratefully provided by Mel. C. Horse) or IRC-chat,
then it's best you go to her site and read all the stuff there.

Hope to meet you soon on the list!

Bruinhilda's GR-website,
one of the best places to look for more Fanfic, how to
chat with other GR-fans, how to join our mailing-list, and lot's more!

Lady Niko's site,
featuring the Niko gallery and the first piece of fanfic I ever read on the web: "Isn't Life Strange?"

Annie O's site,
featuring show info's and fanfic (she's very eager to collect as many stories on her site as possible ;) )

Allronix 'the Mistress' site,
including a huge – and richly filled – GR-Fanfic archive,
and lots more.
(currently under construction).

Megaman's site,
real player videos and mpg-songs of the show.

still under construction
more links will be added soon...

...or never. I'm horribly lazy with maintenance on the non-fic-non-pic parts of the site.

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Personnel and Departments

Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs