First, if you want to email me about the contents, stories, etc. on my website...

...I would be very pleased, if you do.
My name is Ann and I'm a maniac GR-fanfic writer
who – like any other author, too – likes to get to know
what the readers think about her work.

After a couple of requests here's my PGP-key if you want to make sure it's really me.

I am aware, that the following lines are not the most polite ones. But they are my honest opinion about the topic.

I know it is common practice to tell something about oneself on one's homepage, but – in fact – I do not like the idea of publishing one's likings (and dislikings) or facts about one's life on the net for everybody to see.
I always wonder who is interested in such data? And if I really want those people to know about my life? [No.]
I show on my homepage the things and ideas I want to share with other people.

I decide whom I tell more about me and whom not, not a search engine, a webcrawler, or an accidentally "whoops, I found a page".

And if you are of another opinion.

...the image to the left tells all.

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